Wow, you are making a PaymentWall? P2P only?
No, we are not making the server P2P only, the entire server is Free to Play. But in order to safeguard and preserve the availability of the server, we ask Donators who have contibuted a one time payment towards the server to take part in the Loyalty Donator Program.

Bye, you really should come up with a better story if you want me to pay for a free server.
We will not become rich from the server (and we're not trying to), so why do we need more money? Why aren't the current donations enough?

Due to the nature of one-time donations and serveral tax regulations we have to comply with we can not entirely sustain the server from one-time purchases only. In the long term it can possibly mean a closure of the server if it can not make ends meet. 

OK, ok, be quiet already will you what's in it for me?
Your contribution towards the Loyalty Donator Program will ensure the upkeep of the server now and in the future. Besides by simply helping the server to keep existing you will get the following LDP rewards:

  • Be able to set a Nickname on the server (as long as the upgrade is active)
  • A Shiny Legendary of choice (One-Time)

  • Free egg hatch command (as long as the upgrade is active)
  • 1x 3000 Pixelmon-Points (Monthly)
  • 15 Isi's Golden Hourglasses (Weekly)
  • 140 Rare Candies (Weekly)

  • Be able to fly in Safari (as long as the upgrade is active)
  • 64 Level-balls and 64 Dusk-balls or 128 of one or the other (Weekly)
  • 1 Park ball (Weekly)

  • 1x 4000 Poké-Dollars (Monthly)
  • 50.000 Claimblocks on a server of your choice (Monthly)
  • 5 Stacks of building blocks of your choice (Weekly)

So, what is this going to cost me?
To become a loyalty donator we ask you to contribute €30.00 to have the status for 6 months.

Note: To be able to purchase the loyalty donator rank you are required to have the normal donator rank.

Loyalty Donator Rank
Sync Loyalty Donator
1 Bottle Crate Key (Weekly)
1 T1 Morph Key (Weekly)
10 Vote Crate Keys (Weekly)
15 Isi's Golden Hourglasses (Weekly)
140 Rare Candies (Weekly)
1 Park ball (Weekly)
1x 4000 Poké-Dollars (Monthly)
1x 3000 Pixelmon-Points (Monthly)
50.000 Claimblocks (Monthly)
1x 20000 Building Block Points (Monthly)
1x Legendary of Choice (One Time)
1x Legendary Crate Key (One Time)