Become a Donator and receive the following rewards:

  • Reserved player slot.
  • Donator Prefixer
  • Pokeheal
  • +30000 Claimblocks for a server of choice.

Gain access to a selection of free packages that you can claim as Donator:

  • 1x Shiny Legendary of Choice (One Time)
  • 1x 3000 Pixelmon-Points (Monthly)
  • 1x 4000 Poké-Dollars (Monthly)
  • 1x 25000 Claimblocks (Monthly)
  • 1x Random Shiny (Weekly)
  • 1x Master Ball (Weekly)
  • 20x Rare Candy (Daily)
  • 20x Poké Balls (Daily)
Donator rank
Sync Donator